It was 38 years ago today, 30 March 1979, that I was Commissioned a Second Lieutenant (Infantry) in the United States Army… while still a “Knob” at The Citadel. A “Knob” as a Junior… and an Army 2nd Lieutenant… at The Citadel. I know, pretty interesting situation. I was to walk along a path that no others had walked… and each day I was reminded why.

As Kid President says so eloquently:

A poem, “two roads diverged in the woods… and I took the road less traveled…” And it hurt, man! Really bad! Rocks! Thorns! and Glass! my pants broke! waahh! Not cool, Robert Frost! But what if there really were two paths? I want to be in the one that leads to awesome.

I’m forever grateful to James & Merle Carroll (from Ozark, Alabama) and Colonel (Ret.) John K. Gibler and Major Doug Rich in particular for their extraordinary leadership. My situation was extremely unique, requiring numerous exceptions and a healthy dose of creativity. Colonel (Retired) Gibler and the Army ROTC Cadre at The Citadel modeled what it is really like to take care of your Soldiers… and I’ll never forget that. Airborne, All the Way, Sir!


Well… I was on the road that led to AWESOME.



It was a unique and extraordinary journey that provided me an equally unique and extraordinary perspective on life. What an incredible honor and privilege to serve… and the journey continues.

And you know what… I am still on the road that leads to AWESOME.

Always a Soldier! SOLDIER FOR LIFE!

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