Hello, my name is Wayne Pollard and this is my personal blog. My goal is to create a resource that allows you to gain awareness on how you can “LEAD FROM YOUR CURRENT POSITION®”.

  • WHAT does that phrase really mean?
  • WHY should you consider doing it?
  • HOW you can do it?
  • And even more important, HOW can we do it to the fullest?

I’m excited to engage with you to discuss leadership, professional development, productivity, learning, and several of my passions:  golf, photography, and technology.

Please join the conversation and contribute.

I am a passionately curious leader, teacher, coach and guide whose core values are: ACTION, PASSION, LEADERSHIP and LEARNING… calling forth a world in which You can “LEAD FROM YOUR CURRENT POSITION®” to make the world a better place. That’s who I am.

“All of life is action and passion and not to be involved in the actions and passions of your time is to risk having not really lived at all.” Herodotus

My primary pursuit and purpose in life is to contribute to an environment where others flourish.

My Interests are:

  • Leadership
  • Golf… Extraordinary Golf
  • Scotty Cameron Putters
  • Racquetball
  • Photography
  • Technology (Using available systems to increase innovation and productivity)
  • E-Learning & Social Learning
  • Reading
  • Writing