What is our duty?

I wanted to take a moment to describe why I was inspired to create Lead From Your Current Position®. Knowing this will give you a better understanding of the concept and insight into the rationale of why you should Lead From Your Current Position®.

What is our duty?

Developing this concept is deeply personal. In my journey through life, I’ve consistently sought to identify my purpose… to identify my duty.

In addition to the preparation my parents and schooling provided me, I’ve been fortunate to serve in one of the greatest leadership apprenticeship programs in the world: serving in the United States Army. A Retired Army Officer, my military career spanned 24 1/2 years where I served in a variety of positions as an Airborne Infantry and Attack and Cavalry Aviation Officer. I had the privilege to lead five platoons and command two companies and an ROTC battalion. Additionally, I taught at the Aviation Captain’s Career Course, the United States Military Academy (West Point), and Indiana University (Bloomington).

Always a Soldier, I’ve spent my entire life inquiring about leadership and learning. This has continued well after my transition from military service.

The Answer

The answer to the question of my duty, as it developed over the years, became very clear: Lead From Your Current Position®.

The Distinctions of Lead From Your Current Position® 

I began to discover and refine the distinctions of the phrase.

  • Lead = Contribute to an environment where others flourish
  • From Your = From Your… NOT from somebody else’s (you have everything you need… even permission to act)
  • Current Position = Geographic Location NOT title

What if we all simply did our duty (LEAD… contribute to an environment where others flourish) right where we are now (our current geographic location)… and didn’t wait for some future event/achievement or permission from others. Simply DO IT.

Lead From Your Current Position® is about Self-Development, Partnership, and Service.

Again, the answer is simple: do these things… actually BE these things.

Four Questions

The four key questions you should ask yourself every day to Lead From Your Current Position® are:

  • What is my primary responsibility as a Leader?
  • What is the ONE thing I should create, cultivate, and encourage in my environment?
  • What is the ONE thing I should eliminate in my environment?
  • Are there additional questions that would give me insight into how I can lead from my current position?

What a incredible world this would be if 7.3 billion people lead from their current position:  contributing to an environment where others flourished, right were they are. I’m completely devoted to live and share this idea. I hope you will join me on this quest.

Choose to Lead From Your Current Position®… when you do you will be on the path to realize your leadership potential, serving and contributing to others.

What are you waiting for:  The world is calling out for your genius!

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  What is your definition of LEADERSHIP?

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